Most Common Transmission Problems

Most Common Transmission Problems

Our Dallas DCJR team is dedicated to serving drivers in Dallas, Garland, and Arlington in any way we can. That includes providing them with the kind of vital information that ensures that they’re prepared and know what to do in the event that a variety of automotive situations occur.

In this case, we’re going to talk about the most common transmission problems that you’re likely to encounter. Read on to learn all about each one to make sure you’re able to recognize them if they ever happen to you.

A Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission Fluid Leak Service near Dallas, TXIf you notice a puddle in your regular parking spot or driveway, it could mean that your transmission is leaking fluid. If this is the case, your transmission and engine could be in serious danger of breaking down.

While you’re inspecting the fluid on the pavement to see what it is, remember that transmission fluid is clear with a reddish hue and smells a little on the sweet side. It’s also a good idea to check your fluid level at this time. If you appear to be running low, you should have it checked out by a certified mechanic.

It Smells Like Something’s Burning

The job of transmission fluid is to keep the various parts inside your transmission cool and lubricated. If there’s a leak, the fluid is aging and has started to break down, or you’re using the wrong kind of fluid, the result could be that the transmission is overheating and causing the burning smell. Be sure to have the situation examined.

Slow or Hesitant Shifting

Trouble Shifting near Dallas, TXAnother common transmission problem is a distinct hesitation when shifting between gears. A healthy transmission should provide you with smooth transitions from gear to gear. Again, see a technician is you notice slow shifting.

A Noisy or Uneasy Transmission

It’s a good idea to listen for strange sounds like grinding noises as your transmission shifts back and forth between gears. Shaking is also a clear indicator that something might be wrong.

No Shifting at All

If your transmission simply will not change gears, it might be a sign that you’re running low on fluid or that you’re using the wrong kind.

The Check Engine Light

Check Engine LightA sure hint that there might be something going on with your transmission, or with your engine in general, is when the check engine dashboard light suddenly turns on. As with all of the other items on this list, you should have things checked out to get to the bottom of whatever is going on if this occurs.

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If your vehicle’s transmission is currently exhibiting any of the above issues, feel free to contact us so we can get you scheduled for an appointment to get it checked out as soon as possible.

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