Ram 1500 Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule

To keep your truck in excellent shape, you need to bring it in for routine maintenance. Each vehicle has its own ideal maintenance intervals, including the Ram 1500. That’s why the Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (DCJR) team has put together this page.

Dallas, Garland, and Arlington, Texas, drivers can check out when their Ram 1500 may need service throughout its life and visit our service center to get it. Take a look below!

At 10,000 Miles

Maintenance ScheduleYour first service interval will likely be around 10,000 miles. At this service interval, the fuel filter in your Ram 1500 will need to be drained and its oil will need to be changed. A service technician will also inspect the CV joints.

Have a diesel engine? A technician will fill your diesel exhaust fluid.

These services will repeat every 10,000 miles. On average, your Ram 1500 will require a service appointment every 10,000 miles, including oil changes, among other inspections.

At 20,000 Miles

At the 20,000-mile interval, your Ram 1500 will be serviced with everything from the 10,000-mile interval, plus a few additional inspections. The axle fluids will be inspected as well as the suspension system.

We’ll let you know if anything needs to be replaced or additionally serviced.

At 30,000 Miles

Maintenance ScheduleWhen your Ram 1500 odometer reaches 30,000 miles, a maintenance visit will cover everything we discussed above. The truck’s transfer case fluid will also be inspected as well as the CV joints and front and rear axle fluid.

At 60,000 Miles

Once your Ram 1500 reaches 60,000 miles, visit us again. We’ll check out your brakes to ensure they are working properly, change your truck’s oil, and inspect the suspension system again.

The air cleaner element will also get replaced at this service appointment.

At 80,000 Miles

At 80,000 miles, you’ll receive the same services you have at the 60,000-mile service appointment. Your oil and filter will be replaced, and a service technician will drain your fuel filter.

At 100,000 Miles

Maintenance ScheduleAnother major service interval is 100,000 miles. At this point, your Ram 1500 will have its spark plugs replaced. Spark plugs help start your engine and get you moving. To best ensure your vehicle continues to perform, replacements are needed.

Your drive belts will also be replaced at this service appointment. The PCV valve will be inspected as well.

At 150,000 Miles

Your Ram 1500 has lasted a pretty long time once you’ve arrived at this service interval!

The drive belts, air cleaner element, engine coolant, engine oil, and transfer case fluid will all be replaced at this service appointment. The CV joints will be inspected again, as will the front and rear axle fluid.

You can then hit the road again, and we’ll see you in about 10,000 miles!

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Is your Ram 1500 approaching its next maintenance interval? The team at Dallas DCJR can care for your truck and help you get back on the roads of Dallas, Garland, and Arlington, TX. Schedule your Ram 1500 service online or by phone today.


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