Squeaking Brakes: What To Do?

It’s a sound that most drivers hear at some point in their lives — squeaking brakes. This sound is more common than you think, but many people simply aren’t sure what to do when they hear it. So how should you handle squeaking brakes?

That’s where we come in. We spoke to our expert technicians at Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to learn exactly what to do with regards to your squeaking brakes. Whether you’re driving through Dallas, Garland, or Arlington, you won’t want to miss out on this useful information.

Brakes on Car

Why Brakes Squeak

So why exactly have your brakes started squeaking? Surprisingly enough, squeaking brakes doesn’t necessarily indicate you have a problem with your vehicle. Oftentimes it simply means you need to make a minor adjustment to get rid of that pesky sound.

And just because your brakes are squeaking, doesn’t mean they’re not working at optimal levels! Read on to determine the different reasons your brakes may squeak, and what you can do about them.

Causes Of Squeaking Brakes

There are plenty of reasons your squeaking brakes might be making noise. Here are a few of the most common causes.

Overnight Moisture: Do your brakes only squeak when you first start driving in the morning? Odds are that overnight moisture buildup is the culprit. That sound is just your brakes combatting the dampness and is totally normal.

Worn Brake Pads: This is another extremely common cause of squeaking brakes and one that warrants a visit to your service center. As the brake pads wear down, they can begin squeaking as a result of pieces of metal rubbing together. If your brakes don’t stop squeaking and you notice a change in performance, contact your service center immediately.

Weather Conditions

If it’s rainy or freezing cold, chances are your brakes might be louder than normal. This is a typical response to the damp, frigid environment. Try to keep your car out of extreme weather if you can, and be mindful of the buildup of salt, mud, and dirt — all of these can result in squeaking brakes.

How To Solve Squeaking Brakes

Mechanic Fixing Brakes on CarWhile squeaking brakes may require a trip to your local service center, there are multiple steps you can take to reduce the noise and have a smooth and peaceful drive.

Change Your Driving

If you tend to press hard on the brakes or make a lot of sudden stops, this could be making the squeaking louder. Try to downshift when you can to put less pressure on the brakes, or start braking sooner so your car has more time to slow down.

Invest In Lubricant

Is your squeaking simply due to environmental factors? If everything is running smoothly but you still can’t seem to ditch that squeak, it might be time to try out brake lubricant or grease to smooth things over. Your local mechanic can help provide more information on the best options for your vehicle.

Visit Our Service Center Today

If you’re still thinking, “Squeaking brakes: what to do?” then it’s time to schedule an appointment today and come visit our service center today. Head on over to Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram today to speak with our friendly and informative staff about squeaking brakes, tire rotations, oil changes, and more.

We’ve helped drivers from Dallas, Garland, and Arlington, and we can’t wait to provide you with the same friendly and superior service.

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