Warning Signs That You Need New Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to spot problems with them as early as possible to avoid damage to your vehicle and, more importantly, keep you and your passengers safe.

In this guide, we at Dallas DCJR will go over the five most common warning signs that you need new brakes to keep your car in its best condition. Drivers in the areas of Dallas, Garland, and Arlington should read ahead to get started!

1. Your Dashboard Warning Light Is On.

brake lightThe most obvious sign that your brakes are getting old is a warning light coming up on your dashboard. In most vehicles, the brake warning light is shaped like a circle with parentheses on both sides of the circle and an exclamation point in the middle of it. There are many things that can trigger this light coming on, so it’s best to get things checked out as soon as you see it come on.

2. Your Brakes Are Making Strange Noises.

The second most obvious, and likely the most common, warning sign is strange noises that occur when you’re braking. Depending on which part of the brake system is having trouble, these noises can vary. Usually they’ll sound like grinding, screeching, squeaking, squealing, or chirping when you’re pressing down on the brake pedal.

3. You’re Experiencing Mushy Pedal Syndrome.

foot on brakeAnother common warning sign is mushy pedal syndrome. Mushy pedal syndrome is when you need to press extra hard on the brake pedal in order to slow down and stop. Its namesake comes from the mushy feeling you’ll get when you press down on the brake pedal and realize that you need to apply extra pressure.

4. Your Brake Pedal or Car Vibrates When You Brake.

Old brakes often become warped from the extreme pressure and heat that they encounter while they’re doing their job. As a result of this pressure and heat, parts of the brakes become warped and cause vibrations through the brake pedal. Sometimes, these vibrations will even cause the entire vehicle to shake when you press down on the brake pedal.

5. Your Vehicle Is Pulling to One Side.

Brake Light on Back of CarOne last warning sign of old or faulty brakes is your vehicle veering to one side or the other. As we discussed above, brakes can become warped, but not all four of your brakes have to become warped. Warped brakes on one wheel or one side of the vehicle can cause the vehicle to veer to one side or the other without you turning the steering wheel.

Ready to Get Some New Brakes?

We at Dallas DCJR are proud to provide helpful resources like this to drivers in the areas of Dallas, Garland, Arlington, and beyond. If you’re experiencing one or more of these warning signs, give us a call at our service center today to speak with one of our technicians and to set up a service appointment!

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